Monday, June 28, 2010

Kite Party

My internet has been down for a week and... I'm still alive. But in all honesty, my ipod is boring the hell out of me.  It's been deprived of good local music for too long.  So, I just downloaded Kite Party's free EP from their bandcamp and you should too.  Kite Party's another indie PA band that'll catch your ears.  I wasn't sure if I liked them the first time I listened... but they're a keeper for sure.  They sound like... a subdued version of Junior Astronomers... but of course no one is like JA!  I'd only be lying to you if I said that... Enjoy.

<a href="">Indiana Pete by Kite Party</a>

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Free Downloads

Until this summer, I never noticed the trend of bands promoting free downloads of their EPs and even full length albums. Yeah well, if you enjoyed my last post go to A Great Big Pile of Leaves' myspace. In the left column you will find two links to download both of their EPs... free of charge. This band has replaced Tigers Jaw in my rotation the last two days. Give them a listen and let me know which band you like best.

A Great Pile Of Leaves--Mystery of the Brain by OTMP

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love Affair with Title Fight//Tigers Jaw

It's about that time when I upload a playlist of my current rotation, but there's a problem. The past month or so, my rotation has been almost non-existent.  I've been listening to Tigers Jaw non-stop... and when I get sick of them I listen to Title Fight for the longest... when I need a break from Title Fight I return to Tigers Jaw... and the cycle continues.  

For someone who loves finding new music, you could say I'm stuck on those two bands.  They're so good, though!  Definitely the only two bands who fit my mood(s) the past one or two months.

Tigers Jaw is an indie band from Scranton, PA... home of The Dunder Mifflin paper company (I couldn't resist it, sorry!). If you are fond of Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, or Lemuria, you will appreciate their music.  You might agree that one of the vocalists sound similar to Chris Conley from Saves The Day.  And Tiger Jaw's other vocalist sounds a lot like Lemuria's drummer/vocalist, Alex Kerns.  I recommend listening to their self-titled album, 'Tigers Jaw.' As well as their latest album... Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw split.  Their overall sound has a satisfying balance between emo and indie.  And their lyrics are symbolic, relatable and catchy.  They're hitting the road with Man Overboard this summer... I'd love to see them get their name out there!

And Title Fight?  Ohhh, Title Fight... I'm having a love affair with this band!  I've been listening to them since Rad Fest and I can't stop playing them in my car. The majority of their songs on 'The Last Thing You Forget' album are very energetic but not so happy-go-lucky.  "Why not tie a noose around my neck? I'm sure it'd be much more subtle than everything that you said."  Title Fight is also from Pennsylvania--Kingston, to be exact.  I'm almost positive these guys are all younger than me but I give them a lot of props.  They've developed their own unique sound, making them stand apart from bands in their own genre.  Earlier this year they were in Europe with Polar Bear Club and Shook Ones.  And in the fall they are going overseas again, headed to Japan!  Have a safe trip guys.

Standalone player
I only found one decent recording of Tigers Jaw... so I uploaded three from my own computer because I'm awesome like that!  Enjoy.