Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moshing in the New Year

Incidentally, I rang in the new year moshing at a house show in my hometown (NC).  Not trying to knock on house shows or anything, but I was bummed I couldn't find anything better to do on New Year's Eve. The venues I've spent NYE before were all having DJ's or some type of dance/electronica party--huge let down.  But the house show turned out to be a lot fun after all... THANK GOD.

No Power and Joint Damage played.  I thought for sure it would be packed inside and I'd end up stuck outside listening to bands in the cold.  Living in California makes anything below 60 feel cold.  This time around I managed to be inside.

I haven't seen No Power since their second show, ever... which was probably this time last year at another house.  They were just okay but last night they were great.  Granted they were on a hiatus due to their vocalist moving to New York, but I noticed an immense improvement!  They've definitely grown as a band.

Joint Damage is another hardcore band from Charlotte, NC that I like.  They played last and I was bummed when it was over.  The music had me dancing, or was it the wine I was drinking?  Whatever it was, I found myself in the pit.  I forgot how moshing is fun when there aren't jerks trying to act bigger and stronger than everyone.  But yeah.  Joint Damage finished their set a few seconds before the count down.

Happy New Year.