What Is OTMP?

Outside The Mosh Pit (OTMP), is a term I use to describe my perspective of music.  It is coined from the phrase, "think outside of the box."  I view the mosh pit as a box--A large group of people who follow the same trends and listen to the same music.  OTMP focuses on going against the grain by discovering other bands... instead of following the hype.  Overall, OTMP is a non-elitist blog for people of every background who love rock/indie music and the lifestyle it comes with.  This blog is for those who love music because of what it represents and not the trend.

OTMP is intended to be a vehicle for self-publishing articles related to subjects I am passionate about.  I will update this blog regularly.  My goals are the following (& not limited to):

  • Create discussions related to non-mainstream music/trends/culture
  • Introduce readers to new bands
  • Provide reviews of shows
  • Stream music