Monday, April 5, 2010

Self Aware Records & Zine

I recently wrote my first article for Self Aware Zine.  Self Aware is an independent record label and zine based in Charlotte, NC.  I was asked to write about The Junior Astronomers show I attended in Chapel Hill last week.  The zine is a collection of reviews and interviews of featured bands for a big... whopping... two dollars. That's it.  Awesome, right?  I mean come 'on, that's not even half the price of a 5 dollar foot long sub.

Oh and I know that no one really cares but I'm going to tell you anyways: I am absolutely stoked about contributing to Self Aware Records/Zine.  If you haven't heard of 'em you should check 'em out... regardless if you live in North Carolina or not because they put out records of great bands like Just Die! (from Asheville, NC).  So give their websites a lil' look-see!

Self Aware Records
for records & zines

Self Aware e-Zine 
for articles in-between publications


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